Walden, CO

There’s not a ton to see in Walden. It is a small town, located right in the middle of the already sparsely populated north park. It is the county seat and most populated municipality of Jackson County. Most people who visit Walden are passing through.

I’ve been to Walden a handful of times. Most of the time it has been a pit-stop, but one time I decided to spend a little more time in Walden and get a sense of what the town’s about.

Moose Creek Cafe. Located on Main Street/State Highway 125

Walden is a classic small town. It’s probable that everyone knows pretty much everyone else. My friend and I stopped to grab a beer at the local bar and when we walked in we certainly got looks from indicating we’re definitely outsiders. All the bar had on draft was Coors, Budweiser and the light versions of both. No craft beer on draft here, although Odell and New Belgium was available in bottled and canned form.
Cute sign
After having a pint of Budweiser, we went across the street to the liquor store and bought a couple six-packs of Odell and continued on. Before leaving town, we spent some more time walking around. I think the best way to get a sense of what a town’s about is not from its Main Street, or the areas that most visitors will see, but walk around a normal neighborhood.

It was late afternoon, and some ominous looking storm clouds were above, making for quite the striking shot of this Chevy:

There is also a museum:

And the courthouse:

Walden is a classic small town in the mountains. It isn’t a tourist trap. People don’t come to Colorado to visit Walden. But it is cozy and homey. If you’re in the area, whether passing through to Steamboat or Granby, or camping in the Medicine Bows, or elk hunting in North Park, Walden is certainly a great place to stop and grab a bite, a beer, and refuel

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