Creedmore Lakes

Just north of Red Feather Lakes, these hike-in lakes offer beautiful opportunities for fishing and camping.

We initially came up here on a complete whim. It was the Sunday after a night of camping and we were on our way down from Deadman Tower to find a place to shoot. One of our group members suggested we find a lake to jump in, and since that was a better idea, originally we were heading towards Lost Lake. Then I remembered Creedmore Lakes was on the way and no one has been there before so that became the destination. (P.S. Creedmore Lakes is NOT a good place to shoot, we weren’t there to shoot).

The lakes are all nestled in the highlands around Red Feather Lakes. This area is on the north slope of the Colorado Rockies and of comparatively lower elevation to the 12k and 13k foot peaks of the Mummy Range to the south or the Medicine Bows to the west.

There are three lakes of the Creedmore Lakes system. They are all hike-in, with two good access points. The westernmost lake access is signed and there is a large parking lot about a quarter-mile away from the lake itself.

A call box at the first parking lot in case of emergency
The road was rutted, bumpy, and rocky in sections but it is only about a mile off of the main road, Larimer County Road 73C. It could pose issues for the lowest clearance vehicles but most should be able to find a good line without scraping anything.

Nice and wide lakeside trail

There appeared to be plenty of life in the lake. Crawfish were seen, as well as fish jumping. It would be a good idea to wear waterproof shoes if getting in but we were comfortable getting in barefoot.

Creedmore Lakes is a fantastically scenic area just over an hour and a half out of Fort Collins. It is certainly an excellent way to end a weekend camping, or even as a destination in its own right.