Salt Cabin Park

Salt Cabin Park Rd. is a nice little route through northern Pingree Park just south of the Poudre River. It is a loop which starts and ends along Crown Point Rd. (Forest Road 139). Just a lowly forest road, meandering its way up a hill then back down. There are some nice dispersed campsites, and excellent views of West White Pine Mountain. The Stormy Peaks are visible, as well as Crown Point.


Looking southeast down the valley from the top of the ridge.

There’s not much else to see up here. The road isn’t even that challenging, and is probably passable to most stock SUVs, when it’s dry. The main benefit is great dispersed campsites as well as being very accessible to those coming up to camp last minute. It’s not far up Crown Point Road from Pingree Park Rd., and comparatively closer to the Poudre Canyon as opposed to the end of Pingree Park Rd.

Salt Cabin Park Rd. meandering its way through a meadow down the hill into the creek drainage. West White Pine mountain in the background (center).
You’re up on a ridge at the top of the loop out of the Bennett Creek valley (which Crown Point Rd. follows its first few miles.)
There are some good hills to shoot into as well, and some pretty meadows. This is one such example of just another area you can find by exploring. I’ve used this area for camping quite a bit because it has good access to water and it isn’t too far to get to (as well as experiences more sun than camping by the creek). Access to Lower Dadd Gulch hiking and biking trail is also possible in this area. Lower Dadd Gulch trail will take you to its trailhead in the Poudre Canyon.

Crown Point is visible to the southwest.
There’s a spur on the northwest side of the loop, which doesn’t go far but also lends to some good dispersed campsites. The road becomes less obvious at a certain point, marked by a downed tree, and at the bottom there was a mud pit that I pulled a guy out of last time. The two poor fellas were actually hiking back up the loop from Crown Point Rd. when we were on our way down and out. They waved us down and we went to help them, gaining a few beers (and good karma) in the process.

Salt Cabin Park Rd. as shown on the area’s MVUM. Full MVUM available from the USFS here.