Leveling the Field, a fellow adventure blog

So many of the places, areas, and regions that offer opportunities for endless adventure also have an extensive history to them. You’ll notice many of the posts here, in addition to reporting out the logistics of the trip also have a mention, brief or lengthy, of the history of the area. White Rim Road was one of the first posts on here and in fact the trip which inspired me to begin this blog in the first place.

Immersion in the Canyonlands, White Rim Road, Utah, USA
Archaeology is the practice and study of discovering more about human history and activities in a region through finding the physical evidence left by people in the area. While I like to joke that it’s just “the glorified digging up of dead bodies”, which is technically part of it, there is certainly lots more to it.

I’ve found numerous archaeological artifacts during my numerous adventures. Whether they’re cans and pieces of machinery scattered in the forest near the mining camp of Old Roach, an arrowhead cache on the White Rim, petroglyphs and hieroglyphs in Dolores Canyon out of Gateway, CO, half-destroyed ruins of cabins, or sealed mining shafts, there are numerous archaeological artifacts in the west.

Structural ruins near the site of Old Roach
Backwoods Wanderers is not about archaeology; its scope is broader and more general in purpose. However, an amazing blog focused on archaeology and the practice of it deserves a shout-out. Leveling the Field is a budding blog, self-described as “a women’s perspective on archaeology”, and is run by two undergraduates, and fellow Rams, Devan and Marie. Full disclosure, this post is totally a shameless plug for them. Pay them a visit and give them some love because they need more content!