Glenwood Springs, CO

So I tend to end up in random places with little to no planning somewhat more frequently than I like to admit. Such as spontaneous road trips to Laramie, or wherever, often times with no real good reason. What ended me up in Glenwood Springs was actually a little bit planned, however. Although in the […]

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Salida, CO

Something a little different was in the works for New Years this year. I wasn’t exactly feeling the whole “getting drunk and staying out way too late” thing that has happened the past however many New Years. I had a three day weekend off from work and no school, so naturally a short little trip […]

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Walden, CO

There’s not a ton to see in Walden. It is a small town, located right in the middle of the already sparsely populated north park. It is the county seat and most populated municipality of Jackson County. Most people who visit Walden are passing through. I’ve been to Walden a handful of times. Most of […]

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